The TCDC Care Commitment

Since 1993 TransCanada Denture Clinic’s driving force has been to provide our patients a high quality product with the highest level of care and satisfaction at a reasonable price. We believe that teeth are essential to a person’s health and that it’s also important to be happy with your dentures. We have many long-term, repeat patients who return to us time and time again because of our attention to detail, our caring commitment and professional work ethic.

A Key Component to Optimal Service Image of the TC Denture Lab

TransCanada Denture Clinic ensures our patients understand their treatment options, with recommendations based on individual needs. This allows patients to make informed decisions about what treatment makes the most sense for them, physically and financially. We understand how natural-looking teeth provide strong self-esteem and overall confidence to our patients. From Implant Dentures to Complete, Partial or Immediate Dentures, Relines and Repairs, TransCanada Denture Clinic offers a full suite of denture solutions that fit each patient’s situation, along with custom sports mouth guards and night guards. We want our patients to be able to smile with confidence, eat what they want and enjoy a healthy, active lifestyle.

Proud Multiple Recipient of the Consumer’s Choice Awards

For two years in a row, TransCanada Denture Clinic has been proud to accept the Consumer's Choice Award for Business Excellence. We are truly grateful to our patients for showing their support and confidence in our products, services and dedicated staff. We value these awards, along with patient referrals, as they are the greatest compliments we could receive.

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