Did You Know?


  • Proper fitting dentures lift your face and make you look and feel better instantly.
  • TCDC Denturists visit seniors in nursing homes giving detailed and supportive care.
  • One of the many benefits of well fitted dentures is enjoying an active, healthy lifestyle.
  • Enjoying the food YOU want to eat is good for the mind and body.
  • New Technology helps us offer innovative patient solutions every day.
  • You can’t go back in dental health, but you CAN make your future dental health better.
  • Implant Retained Dentures are the closest thing to natural teeth possible.
  • Technology has provided some of the best options ever for tooth loss today.
  • Implant Retained Dentures give people confidence.


  • Your teeth affect your overall health.  Chewing food properly is imperative to obtaining nutrients.  Proper fitting dentures assist in chewing properly.
  • New dentures are recommended every 5-7 years in order to accommodate your bodies changing needs, and to replace worn teeth.
  • Relines are recommended every 2-3 years to “refit” the dentures to your changing gums.
  • You don’t need to suffer with loose and annoying dentures.  There are solutions to fit everyone’s budget and needs.
  • There are patients of all ages including in their 90’s, deciding to get implant dentures. It’s important to have ALL your options explained.
  • Constant denture repairs are usually a sign of bigger underlying issues, and if not addressed, can lead to more problems down the road.
  • Denture Relines replace the old acrylic with new acrylic.  This refits the denture to the underlying gum structure, and provides a new bacteria free denture.
  • The health and condition of your ridges determine how well your denture will fit.  Implant Retained Dentures may be a better solution.