Immediates Post Op

First 24 Hours

Do not remove your denture as it is acting as a pressure bandage to help control the swelling and bleeding.  It may not be possible to get it back in if removed too early. Choose soft foods like cottage cheese, mashed potatoes, eggs, soups, applesauce, bananas, or yogurt and cool liquids.  Try to avoid hot drinks.

1-2 Days Post Op

It is necessary to come in to make sure the denture is fitting properly and for any immediate adjustments as required.  Going forward, it is totally dependent on your body as to what treatment will be necessary and how far apart the appointments will be.

2-4 Weeks

The most tissue healing and change occurs over the next 2-8 weeks.  As the bone and gum shrink, the dentures will start to feel loose.  Temporary Liners are placed inside the denture to take up the space of the shrinkage. These liners are continually placed on top of each other, building up the layers of the denture as needed to keep it at the right height.  This happens on average every 1-3 months, and can be different person to person.  (Immediate Dentures start out thinner than normal dentures to accommodate this process). This cycle continues anywhere from 6-12 months until the bone resorption levels out. At the 1 year mark a Permanent Reline is required.  It is necessary to replace all the temporary material (weaker and more porous) with normal acrylic (stronger and denser).