The Government of Alberta has separate coverage for Eligible Seniors based on their income. Alberta Blue Cross is the insurance company that executes this coverage.  They also provide additional plans for Senior’s.  It’s very important to read the fine print of these additional plans to make sure that the additional premiums you pay will get you the coverage you need.

Turning 65

When you turn 65, you must register with the Alberta government for dental coverage.  This does not automatically happen when you fill out the basic pension papers.  After initial registration, your eligibility is updated every year based on the taxes you file and is determined as a percent.  When you receive your coverage summary from Alberta Blue Cross, it states your percent of coverage. This percentage payable is calculated on the government fee guide and approved treatment.  This is where the confusion happens.  It’s not necessarily 90% of the estimate for your specific treatment that the practitioner gives you. TCDC will handle all the paperwork and advise you on the estimated coverage for your treatment.  The Government of Alberta website has all necessary forms for registering, fee guides of covered services and other information pertaining to Senior’s Benefits from the Government of Alberta.