Complete Dentures

Complete or Full Dentures are the conventional method of providing patients with a set of functioning teeth when they have lost all of their naturals. The end product is teeth set into tissue colored acrylic that sit in the mouth. They are held in place by suction on the upper jaw and the ridge of bone on the lower jaw.  They are made using a Standard or a Precision technique.


  • Provides basic function of eating and appearance.
  • Initially cheaper.
  • Surgery not necessary.


  • Possible impaired speech.
  • The sense of taste is diminished due to a covered palate.
  • Some foods may be restricted due to chewing ability.
  • Dentures move as they are not fixed in place.
  • A moving denture can lead to painful pressure or sore spots.
  • Possible food getting under the denture.
  • Lack of bone stimulation which can further reduce the lower ridge available for a denture.
  • Fear of dentures falling out and lack of self-confidence.
Many of these disadvantages will continue to get worse as the body ages.  As the bone reabsorption occurs in the jaw, there is less ridge for a denture to fit on – creating a sliding or floating lower denture.  This movement can also create excess flabby tissue to form on the lower ridge.  These 2 conditions create a similar scenario of trying to chew with your teeth sitting on sponges.  Very difficult to exert the necessary pressure to where it’s needed.