Immediate or Surgical Dentures

Dentures that are made prior to and are inserted immediately after patient extractions – usually by the Dentist or Oral Surgeon. There are 2 major benefits of this treatment option:
  1. The teeth act as a Band-Aid on the extraction site, controlling bleeding, swelling, food entrance and general healing.
  2. Your appearance – you do not have to go without teeth during the healing stage.


Usually 1-3 appointments about 2-3 weeks prior to your extraction date.  Impressions are taken, teeth shades and shapes are matched to your original and then the denture is built.  The denture is usually delivered directly to your dentist.

THIS IS ONE OF THE MOST DIFFICULT TRANSITIONS – going from Natural teeth to Dentures.  It is also the MOST misunderstood in regards to normal healing experiences and is totally dependent on you.  No two people have the same experience and no one can predict how your body will react or how long it will take.

Some of the main factors that affect the fit of the denture immediately after the extractions are:  the shape and amount of bone left in the jaw, the amount of swelling and bleeding, and the ability to heal quickly.  The other problematic sensation is of the denture feeling “huge” in the mouth or that it’s “too big”.  Under normal circumstances even the smallest cut or irritation in the mouth feels huge compared to its’ realistic size when seen.  The denture is a foreign object in the mouth and as a result gives the sensation of being “huge”.  As the bone resorbs and tissues heal, the denture can usually be made smaller to feel more comfortable

The speed your body heals and the amount of bone loss (due to bone reabsorption) determines how many adjustments and temporary liners you will need over the following months.  It’s very important to keep all appointments made for you during this phase of healing, as it aids in your recovery and adjustment to dentures.  For more information, please see Immediate Post Op and New to Dentures pages.